For Personal type, Party could be your friend, room-mate, relative, neighbour, shopkeeper you buy from. For Business type (like Retailers, Suppliers, Service Provider) Party is customer, vendor/supplier, company etc
Add Party from your address book or add manually by just his name. You can add Mobile no and other type later.

Party type

Set Party Type as Customer, Supplier, Staff. You can create your own types also like Room-Mate, friend etc


For Personal type, you give or take credit/udhaar to your friends, room-mate.
For Business type, you give credit/udhaar to your customers. You take credit from supplier.


"You get paid by your customers who owe you money or as advance. You repay Udhar or give advance to your suppleir party."

Party Balance

(Credit/Udhaar) - (Advance/Repayment)
It does not add settled Income or Expense transactions


For personal type, you can add salary, allowance, bonus, rent received etc as Income

You sell goods to your customer party and they pay there itself. i.e. no credit/udhaar is involved.
You receive cash from customer or borrower who is not added as party and its just adhoc transaction and you don’t want to add the giver as Party.
You can also add Goods Sold on Credit In your Income if you want.


You pay for purchases from your suppliers, various bills, rent, staff salary etc. All these can be recorded under various expense categories which can be organized under various expense folders.

Party Note

You can write a Party Note and also add a reminder to it.

Daily Income

( Income + Credit/Udhaar Given ) - Credit Taken - Expenses

Daily Cash Register Balance

Prev Day cash balance + (Cash Income on selected day + Cash Advance/Repayment Received + Cash Credit Taken)


( Cash Credit Given + Cash Advance/Repayment Given + Cash Expense)


Digital Wallets like PayTm, Phone pe etc.

Payment Methods

Cash, Bank, Wallet


Post Dated Cheque

If you receive a PDC from your customer, you can add the deposit date and Buku will remind you to deposit the cheque on that day.