Frequently Asked Questions

What is BUKU?

BUKU is an app based Digital Ledger/Udhaar khata and Expense manager with suite of other related features. It makes it super easy to maintain party transactions and Expense Management(both personal and business). It also allows you to take general notes for your party's and not just trasaction entries.

Is my Data safe?

BUKU respects your privacy and safety concerns and saves data locally on your phone. BUKU is the only app which works even if you are OFFLINE.

What will happen if i lose my phone?

You can take backup of your data on your own Google drive ( linked to your phone's email id). You can enable the google drive backup from BUKU Settings menu. When you sign up on new phone with the same mobile number, it will ask you to restore the google drive backup.
You can also email the backup to yourself which you can restore on your new phone.

Can i edit/delete a party transaction?

You can anytime edit or delete the party transaction.

Does it send free SMS to party?

Yes, BUKU sends free SMS for every transaction when its created or updated.
You can control the automatic SMS feature selectively for your parties. For example, You have enabled the Free SMS service globally from BUKU settings. This will send free SMS to the party for any new transaction with him. Now Lets say you added 10 parties and out of which you do not want to send automatic SMS to 3 parties. So for these 3 parties, you can disable auto SMS service from the party profile page.

In another case, you may want to send SMS on some occasions to these 3 parties. In this case, you need not keep toggling between enable/disable of SMS service. You can just select Send SMS as YES / No at the time of creating the transactions.

Is BUKU app free or paid?

The current app is free. The basic digital ledger i.e. party transactions and expense recording will remain free. We are working on advanced feaures which we will be rolling out soon and they may require you to take PRIME membership which will be very economical and cheap and will not hurt you. That's our promise!!

How can i check total party Credit/Udhaar which is outstanding?

BUKU provides Quickview from where you can see all your outstadings, transactions done on a selected day, Reminders etc

Can i also record transactions with my suppliers from whom i take credit?

Absolutly YES!! BUKU provides support for all types of business transactions with your customers, suppliers etc.
For Customers, You can add transactions like I Gave Credit/Udhaar and I Received payment.
For Suppliers, You can add transactions like I Received Credit/Udhaar and I Gave payment.

Can i set Credit Limit for my customer or add Starting balance till the day when i started using BUKU app?

Absolutly YES!! You can add all these details and more from party profile page.

How can i manage the payment made for the loans ?

Absolutly YES!!
1) Lets say that you took a loan of 1 lakh Rs from SBI bank. You should first create a party SBI Loan. And then create an entry of I Received -> Credit/Loan
2) Now lets say you are paying 5000 as Loan EMI to SBI. You should create I Gave -> Advance/RePayment entry
So now ,your party ledger will show both the entires adjusted and the final amount either as payable or receivable will be shown against the party

How can i manage my credit card payment using BUKU app ?

Absolutly YES!!
Actually, there are 2 aspects of it.
A) You are entering all spends on credit card as expenses in buku app by selecting Other or General Bills as category or any other category as you desire.. In this case, you dont need to enter credit card bill as expense again as this will double the expense amount in buku expense ledger. We are adding Credit card as an account type ( just like Bank and wallet) and then you can book the payment to Credt card thru transfer page.

B) And the second aspect is that you are not creating any individual spends as expenses in the app and intaead can record the credit card payment as an expense itself.

Can i Split expenses with a party/friend?

Yes, you can do so from Add Expense page. While adding the expense, it asks you if you paid or your party/friend paid and how much.
Accordingly, BUKU creates teh party transaction entry also. And it also allows to send free SMS to party for this transaction.

Can i create a report and share with the party?

You can view and generate pdf report from Report page (under top right menu) and also share it thru whatsapp or email.