Refund of Subscription fee

The subscription fees paid for use of advanced features on the Site are non-refundable irrespective of whether the Services have been availed/ and or consumed. Your subscription plan will continue to remain active till the end of the subscription term and cancellation of subscription will not be allowed during the subscription term. Only in cases of any fraudulent transactions and/or error in transaction such as duplicity in payment and/or incorrect amount charged, we may refund the subscription fee at our sole discretion post successful verification.

Refund pertaining to transactions on the Site

We assume no responsibility and shall incur no liability in case of incorrect transactions and/or if BuKu is unable to process the payment instructions issued by You owing to one or more of the following reasons:
  • (a). Payment instruction issued by You including but not limited to account number and UPI pin is incomplete, inaccurate, invalid or delayed;
  • (b). If Your payment account has insufficient funds/limits to cover the amount mentioned in the payment instructions;
  • (c). If the funds available in your payment account are under any encumbrance or charge;
  • (d). If your bank or the nodal bank refuses or delays honouring the payment instructions;
  • (e). Occurrence of a Force Measure Event;
  • (f). Failure in the applicable bank or credit card service provider’s system or network.

UPI Transactions cannot be cancelled after initiating the transaction. If the User has entered the wrong number/VPA ID, then the Company is not a liable party in the transaction. All UPI transactions are real-time and if there is any delay in the end of the transaction then the User can check with support team of BuKu at after 30 mins cool period.

If the User has any issues related to transactions linked with Debit/Credit card, then the User must report the same to the Company's call support 81308 35775 or Via mail The Company will respond and try to resolve the issue in the given escalation matrix as per the Company’s internal processes and policies.
All refunds will be processed by following the validation of the transaction from case to case basis in the given legal framework. Escalation matrix remains the same for the Refunds/Cancellation for all the transactions.