Digital Transformation of Your Business

An allrounder app for accounting, business management & Intelligence

100% Safe and Secure

Private and Safe

Multiple ledgers

Multiple Ledgers

Works without Internet in Offline Mode

Works without Internet

20+ Languages Indian and International

20+ Languages









Run your business

anywhere - all in one place

BuKu is a free, easy-to-use app that gives you everything you need to manage your business. Now Never miss a thing!!

Get set up fast with no training required

Stay on top with real-time analytics

Sale/Purchase, Income/Expense, Cash/Bank/Wallet, Payables/Receivables

DashBoard – Your Business

on your Fingertips

BuKu keeps track of all key insights in real time like

Cash In Hand, Bank/Wallet Balance, Your Net Worth

Profit & Loss

Total Payables/Receivables

Today's Reminders

Expenses and Budget overruns


An Operating System for your Business

Create Stores & Staff | Staff Rights & Priviledges | Access via Any device

Create multiple user/staff accounts with separate login access

Assign priviledges / access rights to the staff

Access from any device - Centralised Cloud based setup

No hassel for Data Backup's or Restore

Create multiple Stores / Centres and Appoint selling agents / Partners

Start your OWN Online Store

Multiply your Businesses & more

Very Simple | Setup in Few Minutes | No Commission

Enable Cart with prices or just Product Browsing and Enquiry

Set Delivery options like Self-Pickup, Delivery Radius & Charges, Minimum Order for Free Delivery

Set your preferred payment method like Cash on Delivery (COD) or Bank/Wallet details

Get update on Whatsapp for new online order/enquiry received

Customer gets status notification on order Acceptance, Processing, Dispatched and Delivered

BuKu Core Features

Party payables /Receivables



Maintain Cash, Bank, Wallet, Credit Card

Reports / Reminders

Smart Diary


Dashboard & Analytics

All in One Accounting POS

Create Sale Invoices

With or without Tax

Print on thermal printer

Share on whatsapp

Manage Taxes

Taxes paid on purchases

Taxes collected on sales

View and share Tax report

Integrated accounting

Party ledger ( payabes/receivables)

Cash/Bank/Wallet linked entries

Manage Inventory

Get rid of over-stocking or under-stocking problems

Generate Barcode/QR Code

Insightful Reports

Take Better decisions

Stay in full control


Get Unmatched assistance

Email, mobile or WhatsApp chat

BuKu Services

Give Loans and Set EMI

Simple and Compound Interest

View Full EMI Schedule

Send EMI Reminders on due date

Recalculate EMI anytime

Read More

Inventory and Billing

Set item low alerts, discounts, tax

Create, share & print Bills on the go

Order Tracking, send reminders

Auto payment accounting

Read More

AMC management

Create/Renew AMC

Schedule Technician Visit

Get On-Site Visit report filled

AMC expiry/Payment Reminder

Read More

Manage Employee/Staff

Mark Attendance

Record Overtime

Give Salaries (Monthly/Daily)

Advance/Udhaar Management

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BuKu is for everyone

Do you have any of these symptoms?

At the end of the day, do you often do not know readily how much were the total sales, earnings.

You want to plan your inventory better so that you can maximize returns from every sq ft of your retail premise.

You give goods on credit to your known-to customers but hesitate to remind them to pay

Almost impossible to share the party account as only you can understand your writing and style

Do you often tell yourself to organize better so that you save both time and energy to focus on other aspects of business or may be start another business.

Want to print barcodes or use existing barcodes and print bills

BuKu can solve these problems. Its not magic. BuKu is just a tool and if used properly with discipline, you can cure your business from all these ailments and feel good and tension free like never before.

Do you want to

Manage your inventory better and keep a check on stock pilferage

Create and share Invoices/challans on whatsapp, email or take print

Manage receivables and improve recovery from customers

Manage cash flow to keep the payables paid on time

Know your profitability and actional insights

Manage Staff advances/salaries and other expenses

BuKu has everything you need to simplify your business to stay on top and Save Time like you never imagined.

Annual Maintenance Contract ( AMC) management and Customer satisfaction is the most important element of the AMC Service provider’s business. Quite widely, its still register/excel or memory based. You can service more customers and more efficiently if you better manage and organize the AMC’s and the promises made to the customer.

Capture all AMC details like Comprehensive/Exclusions, AMC period, Payments etc

Log complaint

Schedule Visit

Send Visit details to technician and customer

Visit form for technician

AMC Renewal Reminders

Payment Reminders

BuKu provides Loan/EMI service for you to give money on simple/compound for n number of months at x rate of interest. It creates the full EMI schedule which you can also share with the borrower.You can also recalculate EMI if the rate of interest or tenure or any prepayment is done. It lets you save all the details of your borrower/member including reference/guarantor.

BuKu gives you option to share any deposit/repayment on whatsapp or print on thermal printer to give the receipt.

BuKu for every business. Wherever you are, whatever your business, BuKu can help you manage and grow.

BuKu is designed quite uniquely to be useful for any kind of business or personal purpose. You could be a content writer, accountant, doctor, physio, lawyer, coaching institute, Paying guest owner, Builder, Architect, Electrician or anyone under the sun

BuKu can put you in driver’s seat. Try it!!

Frequently Asked Questions

BuKu mobile app is completely free and core accounting features will remain free for lifetime. Some of the additional BuKu services are subscription based like Inventory/Billing, AMC management. The subscription fees is almost negligent and very affordable and reasonable.

We are working on it and it will be available soon.

Your data is 100% safe. Unlike other such apps, BuKu keeps your data on your phone and does not send it to any server or cloud. So your data is as safe as your phone. You can also set App Lock to protect access to your data.

Well, a quick answer is YES. Any business demands attention to daily operations. And if not handled well may result in breakdown or stagnant business. Mobile apps are changing the face of business as much as any other aspect of modern living. With Every passing day, they’re becoming more powerful, more connected, more intelligent. And put this all together, they can help you run your business better than you alone.

We strongly recommend to take Google Drive backup and periodically send your data to yourself thru email etc. On your new Phone, you can restore data from your google drive backup. You can also copy the backup file in any folder of your new phone and restore backup.

BuKu does not facilitate any payments. You can just specify your bank or wallet details in payment reminders.

We are working on it and will be released soon.


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