BuKu TEAMS - An Operating System for your Business

Create User Accounts with Access Rights / Priviledges

Data saved on Cloud, No Backup / Restore tension

100% Safe and Secure

Private and Safe

Why BuKu TEAMS ?

Most simple and powerful software which enables you to manage your entire business

Super Easy and Super Fast

Access your data from any device

Create multiple user/staff accounts with separate login access

Assign priviledges / access rights to the staff

Centralised Cloud based setup

Why BuKu TEAMS ?

No hassel for Data Backup's or Restore

Create multiple Stores / Centres

Appoint selling agents / Partners

Multiple pricing templates storewise

Manage all employee related activities in detail

TEAMS for every business

Simplify and Power up your business today

It can handle your billing, accounting and other business needs with it unmatched features. Getting started is easy.

Multiple Stores

Inventory & Billing

Income / Expenses

Sale / Purchase

Staff Login and Access


Party Payables & Receivables

Dashboard and Analytics

Cash, Bank, Wallet, Credit Card

Pricing for TEAM's

  • 1 User
  • $ 15 / year
  • Single User Login
  • Work on Mobile and Desktop
  • Non Enterprise Account
  • Contact Now
  • Upto 2 User
  • $ 29 / year
  • 2 User Login
  • Work on Mobile and Desktop
  • Enterprise Account
  • Contact Now
  • Upto 5 Users
  • $ 75 / year
  • 5 User Login
  • Work on Mobile and Desktop
  • Enterprise Account
  • Contact Now

** Users who are looking for TEAMS version with more then 5 Login , please drop a whatsapp message on +91 8130835775

Frequently Asked Questions

When you signup and start using the app, your data gets stored locally on phone. You do not need internet on phone. It works offline. It is your responsibility to take regular backups. It is called local mode.

When you do BuKu Teams signup, your data gets saved on BuKu Cloud server. You need internet on your phone. And you do not need to take any backup.

Your data will remain on Cloud server. When you install the app again and do Teams login, you will see your data back.

Yes, you can download BuKu app on multiple phone's and you can use the same Teams login from any device.

Yes, we have windows application which you can download from our website www.hibuku.com

Yes, you can create multiple staff login and give them restricted access rights.
For this, you need to enable/subscribe BuKu Staff service and create emplpoyees first. lets say you have 20 employees and out of which you want to give BuKu access to only 3 employees. For this, you need to have 4 Teams account i.e. 1 admin and 3 employees.

Yes, you can create multiple stores. You can either keep single inventory for all stores or allocate them stock from your master inventory.

Yes, with Buku Teams your staff will be given their own logn and they can mark Both IN and OUT attendance withs elfie and location capture.