Give Loans Set EMI's, Record Payments effortlessly

No Confusion - No Tension

100% Safe and Secure

Private and Safe

Multiple ledgers

Multiple Business

Works without Internet in Offline Mode

Works without Internet

20+ Languages Indian and International

20+ Languages

Simplest & Best Lending Management for everyone

Simple Interest, Compound Interest, Monthly Interest ( fixed amount or %)

Set EMI schedule with Principal repayment or Interest only option

Set File Charges, Borrower profile with id proof, guarantor and many other details

Re-Calculate Loan terms with prepayment of principal

Share Loan and EMI details as PDF through whatsapp/email

Integrated Accounting

Get set up fast with no training required

Interest charged gets auto added as Income when EMI Is paid

Principal component gets auto deducted from borrower's(party) Receivable

Loan Amount, EMI Received linked to Cash/Bank/Wallet account

Always stay on top of account balance.

Give Multiple Loans to same Party

Mark Loan defaulters, bad loans Send EMI reminder on WhatsApp/SMS

Send Loan Proposal with EMI calculation and Schedule to enquiries