Manage your Employees, Contractors, Trainees effortlessly !!

100% Safe and Secure

Private and Safe

Multiple ledgers

Multiple Business

Works without Internet in Offline Mode

Works without Internet

20+ Languages Indian and International

20+ Languages

Simplest & Best Employee Management for SME's

Your workforce is integral to your business then why would you manage then separately. Isn't it?

Integrated as a staff management service in BuKu Accounting and Business management app.

It is not a separate app. It should never be.

Staff payroll is an accounting head and should be part of accounting and management functions.

Manage Attendance, Salary, Advance, Penalty, Overtime

Get set up fast with no training required

Set Salary type Monthly, Daily, Hourly, Output based

Mark Attendance ( Present, Absent, Holiday, Paid Leave, Half Day), In Time, Out Time

Log Overtime, penalty, Notes etc.

Give Advance/Loan, Bonus

Calculate and Give Salary with auto accounting entry

Generate Salary Slip, Detailed Attendance Report & Share on whatsapp

BioMetric Device

Create your Employees, Contractors, Trainees in biometric device

Integrate Biometric device with the BuKu app and import employee details

Daily Punch In and Punch Out of employee attendance

Automated sycing of attendance with the BuKu app

Making the entire process fully automated