Efficiently manage & organize the AMC’s and the promises made to the customers

Auto Reminders - No Tension

100% Safe and Secure

Private and Safe

Multiple ledgers

Multiple Business

Works without Internet in Offline Mode

Works without Internet

20+ Languages Indian and International

20+ Languages

Simple AMC module for both Service Providers and Customers

Create Unlimited new AMC's for clients

Create service visit for Ad-Hoc customers AMC requests

Schedule On-Site Inspection Visit

Assign AMC visits to Technician/Service engineer

Provision for Technician to fill Visit Report

Manage entire AMC lifecycle with BuKu

AMC Expiry and Renewal Reminders

View all AMC visit records for a Customer anytime

Send Pending Payment reminders to customers

Automatic accounting with the customers

Customer can create AMC records for their purchases

Specify post visit status and followup's

Get relief from headache of missing last date, renewls etc

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